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Inspiration from neccesity

Fingal Enterprise Week-7433

While photographing the last day of the Fingal Enterprise Week today, I was drawn to the speakers on stage as they candidly revealed how they had built up their successful businesses.


Among them was Tom Keogh, founder of Keogh’s Crisps;  Nicola Byrne, founder of 11890 and Michael Dawson, founder of The Gift Voucher Shop.


All of them had worked hard and put in the miles getting the assistance they needed in the early days.


But, the fact that struck a chord with me was that they had set-up their businesses when life was not easy. In fact, it appeared that their business’s were the solution to their problem.


Nicola had just given birth and  Tom was faced with declining sales in the potato market in Ireland and had to think of news ways to generate revenue.


I know from doing business portraits and speaking with business owners that there will always be periods of uncertainty and when creative problem solving will be needed.


Even in the bleakest of times, business owners should remember that entrepreneurs such as Tom, Nicola and Michael also went though bad periods  before becoming successful.


Together with a sound business idea and perseverance, necessity can be the trigger for your inspiration.

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