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Posing tips

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With the party season about to get into full swing and a busy weekend of social events looming, I thought it would be a good idea to share a couple of tips on posing, should you find yourself in front of a photographer’s lens.



It starts with your preparation – wear clothes that are colourful or that have interesting (but not overpowering) patterns or silky textures which ”glow’ nicely under flash.



Body – Stand tall and present yourself slightly side on to the camera as this slims the shoulders and gives a flattering full length pose.


Legs – Support your weight on your back leg so the leg that is facing the camera, bends slightly at the knee.


Rosanna Davison


Hands & Arms:

You can put an open hand on your hip, hold a drink / handbag or just let your arm and hand relax to your side (remember not to make a fist!).



A smile is probably the most important thing as it creates the mood of the photo.


If you don’t like showing your teeth when smiling, you can close your mouth and think of smiling! This also gives a nice look.


Lastly, enjoy yourself!



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